Following a national outcry, the daughter of Kenya's president has denied that public money is being used to fund what she calls the "Office of the First Daughter".

Since her father's inauguration in September, Ms Ruto has held several high-profile events and meetings under the title.

In Kenyan law, no such office exists. Many Kenyans online have been expressing anger over her engagements, and asking who is funding them.

Some have described her as a "low budget version of Ivanka [Trump]", who regularly attended political functions while her father Donald Trump was US president.

But Ms Ruto doesn't seem to be too upset and tweeted a video of herself smiling, while walking around the grocery chain.

Ms Ruto has been meeting leaders across the country and attending international forums with foreign dignitaries since her father William became president.

In one video being shared widely online Ms Ruto is seen speaking to an audience at a summit in Tanzania where she introduces her "team from Kenya"