India's Northern Railway on Wednesday slammed Bollywood actor Sonu Sood for travelling on the footboard of a moving train, saying that it is 'dangerous'.

Calling him the role model for the people of India, Northern Railway said that the video he shared on social media would send a wrong message to the nation.

"Dear, @SonuSood, You are a role model for millions of people in the country and the world. Travelling on train steps is dangerous,

and this type of video may send the wrong message to your fans. Please do not do this! Enjoy a smooth and safe journey," Northern Railway tweeted.

The tweet came after Sood uploaded video clip of a train journey on December 13 in which he can be seen

holding on to a pole and sitting on the footboard at the door as the train seems to be moving fast. Railway authority says video shared by actor on social media sends wrong message to country

The Mumbai Railway Police also warned him stating it was dangerous and asked him not to do this stunt in real life.

"@SonuSood travelling on the footboard may be a source of 'Entertainment' in movies, not real life! Let's follow all safety guidelines and ensure a 'Happy New Year' for all," GRP Mumbai tweeted.