Popular Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav has been accused of 'accidentally' hitting a student with a scooter during the shooting of a film.

According to ANI, the student, named Balaji, filed a complaint against the comedic actor at the Colonelganj police station in the Prayagraj area in Uttar Pradesh.

In turn, Yadav filed a counter complaint against the student, claiming the latter was creating 'hindrances' during the shooting of the film.

Yadav was reportedly shooting for a scene when the incident occurred, according to local media outlets.

Eager fans, including students, gathered in large numbers at the spot to watch the shooting. The team then proceeded to shoot a sequence where Yadav was filmed riding the scooter.

The scooter he was operating was an old one, said Ram Mohan Rai, Station House Officer at Colonelganj police station, due to which its clutch wire broke, and the actor lost control of the vehicle.

The student does not appear to be injured. However, authorities have noted that further investigation is being carried out, following which action will be taken.

The victim has also allegedly filed a complaint with police stating that the film’s team misbehaved with him.