Eliza "Liza" Fletcher, 34, was identified as the person found dead Monday in the rear of a vacant duplex in the Tennessee city, roughly 7.5 miles from where surveillance video shows she was forced into an SUV early Friday

A body found this week in Memphis is that of a teacher who was abducted there while jogging last week, and a suspect is being charged with murder

Cleotha Abston, 38, will be arraigned Wednesday on charges including first-degree murder -- adding to kidnapping and other charges he already faced

"We have no reason to think this was anything other than an isolated attack by a stranger," Mulroy said.

Her husband reported her missing that morning, sparking an intense weekend hunt that led to Abston's arrest near his Memphis home Saturday after investigators unearthed clues including surveillance video of the abduction

Wearing prison garb and a mask over his mouth, he spoke only to respond to a judge's questions, and said he does not have an attorney or funds to post bond

Someone found her phone in the street on Central Avenue that morning, and it was given to one of Fletcher's relatives, who gave it to investigators

Police then found surveillance video of the area, which shows a black GMC Terrain pass by her, according to the affidavit. A man is seen in the footage getting out of the SUV and "aggressively" running toward her before forcing her into the vehicle's passenger seat

The SUV remained in a parking lot for about four minutes after both people were inside and then drove away