According to investigators, a car containing human remains was found in a lake in California not far from Kiely Rodni, a missing youngster, who was last seen Sunday night.

According to Andrew Trygg, a spokesman for the Nevada County Sheriff's Office, investigators were on the scene late Sunday afternoon attempting to identify the vehicle as being driven by Rodni.

Later, the nearby Placer County Sheriff's Office confirmed the dive team's allegation that a body was inside, but it stated that the deceased's identity had not yet been established.

Authorities had stated that they were searching for Rodni's 2013 Honda CR-V. On Sunday night, a car was hauled from the water and hurriedly covered with what looked like sheets or a tarp.

After Rodni and the car left a party near the Prosser Family Campground at the lake around 12:30 a.m. on August 6, her telephone stopped working. Authorities had repeatedly observed the presence of young individuals at the party while concentrating on a potential kidnapping.

The family of Rodni stated in a statement on Saturday that they desired some time away from the spotlight.

The statement read, "As we encourage one another to take deep breaths and concentrate on our own self-care, we find ourselves wanting a private and peaceful location to start healing and firm our footing before moving into tomorrow."

The next sentence was this: "When you return back home, we will have a celebration and restore our unity. Forever and always, Kiely, we adore you."