Belarus plans to move military equipment and troops in a “counterterrorism” exercise, the state news agency BelTA reported

Belarus plans to move military equipment and forces on Wednesday and Thursday in a “counter-terrorism” exercise amid fears that Russia could attack Ukraine from Belarus.

“During this period, it is planned to move military equipment and personnel of the national security forces,” the state BelTA news agency cited the country’s Security Council as saying.

“The movement of citizens (transport) along certain public roads and areas would be restricted and the use of imitation weapons for training purposes is planned.”

It was not clear where Minsk plans to move to the troops. Ukraine has warned for months that it fears Belarus and Russia could be planning a new incursion across its northern border.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Ukraine’s General Staff said: “Enemy units are being trained on the training grounds of the Republic of Belarus”

and that Russian attacks continued to be launched from Belarusian territory. Belarus to move troops amid Ukrainian fears of attacks