Gary Ablett was on hand to pass his son, who has a rare and degenerative disease, to Joel Selwood for the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Levi - the first child of Gary and Jordan Ablett - lives with a rare and degenerative disease that has left the three-year-old without the ability to speak.

Selwood revealed Geelong’s plan for Levi on Friday when he was asked what the team’s run to the grand final would mean for Gary, who retired after losing to Richmond in the 2020 decider.

Before the game Jordan shared an image of Selwood’s No.14 jumper - worn by Levi, complete with an Ablett badge - thanking their friend for the invitation, with Gary reposting the message.

While they have declined to share the exact diagnosis, the Abletts have been open about Levi’s condition - including the gut-wrenching possibility of a “very short” life expectancy.

Levi was in his mum’s arms when Gary bowed out after the Gabba grand final two years ago.

Jordan this year said doctors have also braced the parents for the high likelihood that Levi will never speak.

“It’s really difficult from a practical point of view but also really difficult just being his mum and not being able to hear his voice or know what he needs. When he gets upset, I have to guess what the problem is,” Jordan said.

Jordan went on to explain that when she tried to get her son into a standing position “he wouldn’t put any weight through his legs at all”.