The Anglican Church and United Kingdom have expressed "dismay" at an attack on a historic cemetery close to Jerusalem's walled Old City.

More than 30 graves at the Protestant Cemetery on Mount Zion were desecrated on Sunday. Crosses were broken and headstones toppled and smashed.

"We have noticed that hatred speech and hatred crimes are on the rise," Anglican Archbishop Hosam Naoum said.

Standing next to the vandalised grave of the second Anglican bishop of Jerusalem, Samuel Gobat, he said there had been a recent increase in spitting at Christians and attacks on their holy sites.

"This is only an indication that we are not in a place where people can tolerate each other or accept each other," Archbishop Naoum added.

The Israeli ministry of foreign affairs also condemned the vandalism at the cemetery. "This immoral act is an affront to religion and the perpetrators should be prosecuted," it tweeted.

Security camera footage shows two young men carrying out the attack. They are wearing kippahs, or skullcaps, and knotted fringes known as tzitzit on their clothes, they are religious Jews.