Mr Krishnan was born in the southern Indian city of Chennai in what he described as a "very traditional" middle-income household.

His life changed when he convinced his father to buy him a computer - a luxury in the late 1990s, cost about 60,000-70,000 rupees [$730-840; £638-744], a large part of my father's pay check

Mr Krishnan met Ms Ramamurthy online in 2002 while studying engineering at Anna University in Chennai. By then, he was already on the path to becoming a software engineer.

"One of our first dates was watching bit-torrent copy of a 1999 Silicon Valley film in my tiny room," Mr Krishnan said in the interview.

Their big break came a few months later when one of Mr Krishnan's blog posts on Microsoft was noticed by a company executive, who then hired the couple in 2005.

After working at Microsoft, the couple moved on to other big tech companies. They got American citizenship in 2017

Mr Krishnan has described in interviews as being on a par with their wedding and the birth of their first daughter.

While little is known about Mr Krishnan's ties with Mr Musk, he has been an open admirer of the billionaire in the past, describing him as an "inspirational person and an iconic founder".

He has also openly supported Mr Musk's vision for Twitter and criticised practices such as de-platforming on the microblogging website.

There's speculation that Mr Musk might have got Mr Krishnan - a cryptocurrency expert - on board to integrate his doge bitcoin with Twitter.