The latest Google Doodle recognises the work of marine biologist Irene Bernasconi, an Argentinian woman who led a daring biological expedition to Antarctica in 1968.

Irene Bernasconi was a talented echinoderm specialist or marine biologist who has been commemorated by Google Doodle this Monday, November 7.

It honours her work and commitment to biology as she can be seen surrounded by starfish - one of her favourite specimens of research.

Irene Bernasconi was born on September 29, 1896, in La Plata, Argentina. By 1918, she started her career as a teacher and specialised in natural science studies

She earned a position at the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences in the early 1920s. This gave her the opportunity to refine her academic career

Her academic career led to her publishing a scientific work on molluscs and marine invertebrates in 1925 - over her entire career, however, she spent over 50 years studying such creatures.

Back in 1968, Irene Bernasconi - at 72 years of age - marked a milestone in biological history by becoming the first woman from her country to lead a marine expedition to Antarctica.

Their expedition saw them collect over 2,000 echinoderm specimens and plant life from Antarctica. As a result, in 1969 the Women’s Embassy in America awarded her team a commemorative medal.