Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, who welcomed their first baby earlier this month, chose to name their little one Raha.

Taking to Instagram, the new mom shared a photo with Ranbir and the baby and revealed why they chose to keep the name. She also shared that the name has been chosen by her dadi, Neetu Kapoor.

In the blurry photo, Alia and Ranbir can be seen turning their backs to the camera and holding their newborn. There is a tiny jersey in focus, with the name Raha.

Sharing the photo, Alia wrote, “The name Raha (chosen by her wise and wonderful Dadi) has so many beautiful meanings…

Raha, in its purest form means divine path in Swahili she is Joy, In Sanskrit, Raha is a clan, In Bangla - rest, comfort, relief, in Arabic peace,

it also means happiness, freedom & bliss. And true to her name, from the first moment we held her - we felt it ALL!

She concluded, “Thank you Raha, for bringing our family to life, it feels as though our lives have only just begun.