Pakistan’s defence minister has alleged that Afghanistan’s soil is being used by armed groups to launch attacks on his country,

prompting a sharp response from Taliban government in Kabul which called the allegation “incorrect” and “regrettable”.

“We have spoken to Afghanistan government and we will keep saying that … their soil is being used for cross-border terrorism,” Khwaja Asif told a private news channel on Monday night.

Pakistan says no country will be allowed to shelter armed groups staging attacks against it as Kabul reject the charges.

A statement issued by the government after the NSC meeting said “no country will be allowed to provide sanctuaries to terrorists” and their attacks “will be dealt with full force of the state”.

The NSC statement did not name any country but it was an apparent reference to neighbouring Afghanistan, whose government denies the allegations as “provocative and baseless”.

In 2022 alone, Pakistan’s monitoring agencies recorded more than 150 attacks launched by the TTP across the country, killing dozens of people.