Aaftab confessed that he met several women and slept with them in the same house as Shraddha's severed body remained in the refrigerator.

The police also found out that Aaftab bought the refrigerator recently to stash her body parts. For those who visited the house were unaware of Walkar’s dismembered body lying in the fridge.

Poonawala continued to meet several women on the dating app after killing Walkar, some of his friends, food delivery persons, and many others frequented the house.

According to Delhi police officers who are looking into Walkar's murder, despite the fact that they could see many incense sticks lighted throughout the house,

a strong fragrance of room fresheners, and a strong odor of bleach, it never occurred to them that these may possibly be signs of a cover-up.

Walkar was killed by Poonawala this May, roughly a month after they eloped to Delhi from Maharashtra against her family’s wish to stay in a live-in relationship with him.

In his confession to the police, the man said he killed her as they often fought and she had been pestering him to marry her.

The police also found out that the refrigerator was bought recently by Poonawala for the sole purpose to stash the decomposing body parts of the woman.