Trump supporters celebrate the 2024 news like Christmas.

November 16, 2022By Kamlesh Lathigra

Trump declared his intention to run for president again in 2024 and formally began that campaign.

However, supporters in Florida got exactly what they wanted on Tuesday: the declaration that Donald Trump was running for president once more. There was no escalator like there was the last time, no offensive nicknames like there always are, and there was none of the awkward dancing that occasionally appears.

The environment was a bit more subdued than the wind-whipped Make America Great Again rallies in farmers' fields or in ominous airplane hangars outside of a midwestern city.

But Trump was in charge the entire time, with American flags, his family, advisers, and club members filling the lavish ballroom of his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Trump, Trump, Trump chants regularly interrupted the former president's address, which was frequently gloomy and triumphalist, as the tycoon-turned-TV personality savored the attention.

The room roared when he eventually said, "I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States," as it was the line they had all been waiting to hear.

One of the most contentious personalities in recent American history listed what he believed to be his achievements during four turbulent years in Washington.

"Our nation was at the pinnacle of power, prosperity and prestige, towering above all rivals," he said, describing the time.

The country has fallen apart in the 22 months since he reluctantly turned over the keys to Joe Biden and left the White House, he claimed.

In the ballroom, everyone agreed.

According to Eric Pardi, "This new administration is destroying America and everything it stands for."

Our border, our economy, our law and order, and our national independence are all being destroyed by them.

"That man loves this country and stands up for it, and that's what a president should be—someone who stands and supports our Constitution," a supporter of the United States said.

Trump needed a balm after a trying week, and this warm embrace from fans was just that.

The knives are out in the Republican Party after a predicted "Red Wave" failed to materialize, and many of his hand-picked candidates who denied the legitimacy of the election received crushing defeats at the polls last Tuesday.

Formerly trustworthy party insiders have mumbled that people were becoming disenchanted with the former president because of his obsession with relitigating his 2020 defeat.

Even Fox News appears prepared to change.

To top it all off, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis swept everyone aside in his resounding victory and is now being mentioned as a front-runner for the Republican nomination for president.

Some of people who feel that way weren't even trying to be covert about it; a small plane flying above Mar-a-Lago had the following banner, "You lost again Donald #DeSantis 2024."

But for those who were there, there was no question as to who ought to carry the banner in 2024.

"God has selected him to defend our nation. We want to support him because of his patriotism "American Stephanie Liu, 50, a Chinese-born citizen, made this statement.

"I am very happy. It feels like Christmas morning is approaching and that Santa Claus is on his way "said Stacey Bovasso, 54, with a smile.

We require Donald J. Trump to resume his duties as president.

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