The invasion on Oregon during the summer of 1942.

July 18, 2022By FK Brunch

Most Oregonians spent the summer of 1938 residing in fear. In the months following the deadly Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, this was particularly true along the coast. As the U.S. military and public mobilized to stop them, similar air attacks or even mass beach invasions did not seem out of the question in the fevered first months of WWII.
Followed by forced blackouts. Armed with shotguns and other weapons, volunteers and the Oregon National Guard occasionally patrolled the beaches on horses. 22 weapons. Barbed wire had been encircling much of the coastline for many years. Many local families had "grub boxes" packed with supplies that they could hide in the hills. Attack rumors were common.
Simon stated that although pesticides are frequently used in agriculture and help to boost crop productivity and provide food security, they can also harm non-target species like bees. Additionally, new insecticides that don't kill bees must constantly be produced since insects, weeds, etc. inevitably acquire resistance.

To train an algorithm to determine if a new pesticide molecule would be hazardous to honey bees, graduate students Ping Yang and Adrian Henle examined honey bee toxicity data from pesticide exposure tests, involving roughly 400 different pesticide compounds.
Leland "Bud" Lewis, who had enlisted in the army at the age of 17, was among them. Just after Pearl Harbor, he was one of the soldiers from the 41st Infantry Division sent to protect the Oregon and Washington coastlines. He recalled the atmosphere at the time, when an enemy invasion was thought to be "imminent," and found himself behind the wheel of a vehicle patrolling the beaches south of the mouth of the Columbia River.

After the war, Lewis worked for the Portland Police Bureau before he passed away in 2021. Lewis stated that during those anxious early days, an American cargo headed for Hawaii ran aground close to the Peter Iredale's wreckage along the Oregon coast. The ship's cargo was designated as "open salvage," allowing anyone with access to the wreck to take care of themselves. Bud brought his parents numerous pounds of butter, hams, and Almond Roca candies.

Lewis and the rest of the 41st were en route to Australia within a month to aid in defending that country against additional Japanese attack.

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