The horrifying case of Shraddha who was murdered by her live-in-partner Aftab

November 24, 2022By Shijal Chudasama

Aftab Poonawala (age 28) is accused of killing Shraddha Walkar, his live-in partner, by strangling her and sawing her body into 35 pieces, which he allegedly kept in a 300-liter refrigerator at his home in the Mehrauli neighborhood of South Delhi for almost three weeks before disposing of them over several days after midnight. This year's murder took place in May.

Aaftab Had Sex With Several Women While Shraddha's Body Remained in Fridge
Aaftab Had Sex With Several Women While Shraddha's Body Remained in Fridge

Aaftab Amin Poonawala answers the door as a woman knocks at residence 93/1 in Lane No. 1 in Chhattarpur Pahadi in south Delhi on a typical evening. The door then closes as the pair, who had just recently met on a dating app, enter Aaftab's room. A recently purchased refrigerator is kept right outside the entrance, in a dimly lighted area of the home.

Aaftab just opened the door for a woman who has no idea that the man she is about to have sex with recently severed his live-in partner Shraddha Vikas Walkar's body into pieces that are still inside the refrigerator, frozen and wrapped in several plastic bags.

However, this woman was not the only person who came to the house and was ignorant that Walkar's dismembered body was in the refrigerator. After killing Walkar, some of his friends, food delivery people, and many other people frequented the house, Poonawala kept meeting women on the dating app.

According to Delhi police officers who are looking into Walkar's murder, despite the fact that they could see many incense sticks lighted throughout the house, a strong fragrance of room fresheners, and a strong odor of bleach, it never occurred to them that these may possibly be signs of a cover-up.

According to the police, Walkar was murdered by Poonawala in May, around a month after they had fled Maharashtra for Delhi against the wishes of her family in order to continue living together. The man confessed to killing her to the police and claimed that he did it because they frequently quarreled and she had been pressuring him to wed her.

Aaftab Had Sex With Several Women While Shraddha's Body Remained in Fridge

According to a senior police officer who spoke to CNN-News18, Poonawala continued to use the dating app, which had also turned into a bone of contention with his live-in girlfriend, resulting in numerous arguments and ultimately her death.

“Poonawala continued meeting other women through this application, which Walkar did not appreciate. They often had fights on this. Poonawala has told us that she had become possessive about him. However, he has also alleged that Walkar too used the same app to meet other men. He further confessed that he met many women and slept with them in the same house as Walkar’s severed body remained in the refrigerator,” the officer said, requesting not to be named.

The authorities also discovered that Poonawala had recently purchased a refrigerator solely for the purpose of storing the woman's rotting body parts. "The man tried to escape by disposing of the body after strangling her. He bought the refrigerator because the body has begun to rot. Even ordering bleach online to wash the body parts because they were starting to smell bad. We'll look through his computer and phone to see everything he ordered during that time, and then we'll create a timeline of what happened. He further revealed to us that he purchased the saw he used to dismember Walkar's body into more than 30 pieces from a neighborhood store in the Chhattarpur region," the officer continued.

The officer gave a detailed account of the inquiry to far, stating that numerous police teams, forensic experts, and criminal teams have been searching the forested area where Poonawala has alleged he dumped Walkar's body parts since Saturday.

"We found some parts at his location. They are in terrible condition. Most of the found bones seem to be those of a human, at least initially. They have been given to be examined. In order to perform DNA profiling on the retrieved bones, a sample of Walkar's father has also been collected, the officer stated.

After receiving a complaint from Poonawala's father, who had been unable to reach his daughter for months and thought something was wrong, the Delhi Police detained her on Saturday.

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