July 20, 2022By omar salman

For the first time, the UK, which is accustomed to gentler weather, experienced temperatures of over 40C (104F).

The hottest day of the year so far was in Germany, and after several days of extreme heat, Portugal increased the number of fatalities.

The continent has been plagued by deadly wildfires. There was worse to come, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) of the UN warned.

Due to human-induced climate change, heatwaves are now more common, more powerful, and stay longer.

According to WMO chief Peterri Taalas, future heatwaves of this nature will be commonplace and will have even stronger extremes.

A number of fire agencies declared significant incidents as a result of an increase in flames, in addition to the UK experiencing record temperatures.

It was necessary to evacuate around 37,000 individuals from their houses.

The UK and France are currently experiencing cooler temperatures.

heatwave record fall

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In the first days of July 1863, two great armies converged at the small town of Gettysburg, in southern Pennsylvania. Begun as a skirmish between

Mind your waste .

It is really sad to see just our waste is killing us . We feel our waste is not our responsibility . The waste if not segregated and treated