Is the Indian education system right?

Jun 11, 2022By Warren Antao

Forget the Indian education system or comparing with the British education system .

Education can never be bought with money or bribe .

Only hardwork , persistence and determination will make us educated .

In the age of digital revolution . Education is very cheap and easily available .

Be it musk , kalam sir or any one they have educated themselves into different fields where they wanted to learn.

The passion to learn and have expertise in the subject is important .

We have youtube

We have quora

We have kindle

We have edx

We have udemy

We have e books

It lies on us to read , see, read , re read and watch the courses online . Udemy is having more than 10 lakh courses at a reasonable price of inr 700 to inr 800 ,

Be it Harvard , mit , iit is just a hype .

Remember if you have to join into prestigious universities you have to be intelligent and high grade .

So if you are skilled and intelligent , it s the same course every where ,

We have seen many Indian juggad innovation which are from the ordinary but extraordinary innovations , I know many IITians , Harvard graduates , iims who are unemployed , though some employed are under employed .

😊 Thanks for reading 😊

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