Does eating chocolate harm health of a child?

Jun 16, 2022By Warren Antao


HERE the corporates like badbury and nestlee .


They never sell you pure chocolate and with God oils .

They make the flavour good , add waste and crap oils and nuts , milk and lot of chemical sugar and chemicals and just a 1 or 2 % cocoa powder .

  1. Firstly it is processed and over processed
  2. Secondly it is stored for so long
  3. Thirdly it is packaged food .
  4. All the nutrition facts are just a fake . How pure and organic is it , that is never posted ? .
  5. They just brain wash people by using adverts and sex appeal .
  6. Highly diabetic . Very high sugar content at one shot .
  7. Very cheap goods selling at a very high cost . That's how corporates work .mos of the amount you pay is for packaging , advertising and promotion and company profits .

It is not that I am just showing problems . I will also show the alternatives to choclates , that are healthy and tasty too .

Coconut jaggery ladoo .

Very healthy , very tasty and locally available very cheap too .

Seasame jaggery or seasame sugar ladoo .

Need not explain the benefits of seasame and it's benefits.

Do some homework relating the nutrional facts of the same .

Easily available in the market .locally and fresh produce.

Groundnut chakki or what ever local name it is called .

It is made from groundnuts and jaggery .

Very tasty and very good for health . Very cheap .

All fruits are very good form of deserts and alternative to choclates . Healthy sugars and natural sugar components. Or any other local sweets which are minimal processed and natural and locally procurable .

Stay healthy , stay safe . AVOID CHOCOLATES.

If the desire of chocolates still persists , then DIY your chocolates at home . You can see on youtube .


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