Do Tax Preparers Make Good Money?

April 13, 2020By Warren Antao
do tax preparers make good money

” Some children or teenagers have difficult family situations that lead to them declaring themselves independent from their family, i.e. emancipated, well how does that affect your taxes? You know, that is a very interesting question, I Googled it and it seems Google doesn’t even know. Once you’ve got your training, you need to get a Preparer Tax Identification Number from the IRS. This requires you to be at least 18 years old, provide your social security number and address, and explain any felony convictions or money you owe to the IRS. Tax return preparer fraud is among the list of common tax scams. Money may or may not make the world go ’round, but it certainly can keep us comfortable, ensuring a roof over our heads and food on the table. Tax preparation can provide you with gainful employment for the rest of your life.

One statistic showed that tax preparers only rank in the 9th percentile for job satisfaction. This could be due to stress, which could come from working with the public, scrambling to meet deadlines, and working long hours. However, a second survey showed that 68% of tax preparers were satisfied with their jobs, and 35% of them felt that their jobs were meaningful. Tax preparers often work with tax preparation services such as Liberty Tax or H&R Block in local branches. Projections Central offers extensive data on projected job growth in many career fields. You can view short term projections and long term projections for the tax preparer career field and related fields. is a go-to source for gathering information about careers.

What are the pros and cons of professional tax preparers?

This state is peculiar because, for the most part, the incomes mirror the cost of living in their respective state. Hawaii's cost of living is the highest in the country, and yet it ranks among the lowest for how much accountants and auditors get paid. Internal Revenue Agent requirements include US citizenship, plus either a four-year degree or experience along with 30 semester hours of accounting coursework. Latest salary numbers for an IRS - Internal Revenue Agent ranges from $40,000 to $130,000 annually. As an Enrolled Agent you have opportunities to increase your salary by charging a fee for representation services, tax advice, or opinions on tax matters. EAs can work year-round, representing taxpayers in examinations, audits, installment agreements, collections and appeals.

do tax preparers make good money

There are plenty of these rip-off tax preparers around, all promising large refunds while preparing clients’ taxes fraudulently. Employment for tax preparers is expected to continue to rise through 2022 by nearly 14 percent, according to ONet Online.

Quick Ways to Boost Your Income as a Tax Pro

If you’re a solo tax preparer, you’ll be working for yourself – and that means you’ll be paying your own taxes. Secondly, you’ll need to look closely at the pay structure being offered by your employer. Are you being paid hourly, on commission, how much does an enrolled agent make or some combination of the two? Many tax companies start new tax preparers at a low hourly rate, but may offer performance bonuses or the ability to work on commission once you know what you’re doing and don’t need constant handholding.

do tax preparers make good money

For the average business owner, this process can seem overwhelming, especially if they are dealing with large sums of money. Also, the business owner is often too busy to spend time sorting through their accounting paperwork. That's why they are willing to pay a professional preparer to do it for them. There are no formal federal educational requirements for tax preparers. The IRS does not charge for an Electronic Filing Identification Number .

For Individuals

For example, the annual mean wage for tax preparers in states like California, Texas, New York and New Jersey ranged from $52,420-$65,580. In other areas, such as Wyoming, Kansas, and Arkansas, the annual mean salary ranged from $31,410-$39,920.

Connect with other professionals in a trusted, secure, environment open to Thomson Reuters customers only. Non-metropolitan areas, such as East Kentucky, Southeast Oklahoma, and Eastern Utah, tend to have lower annual pay with averages between $19,000 and $40,000. If you’re initially willing to offer your services at a reduced rate, then you might be able to build a reputation for reliable service.

How much do similar professions get paid in United States?

Tax preparers need to provide enough information to clients that they can get the right financial data to fill out the forms. They need to be able to explain the tax laws and forms to clients, understand the software programs they’re using, and take clients step by step through the tax preparation process. There are various types of tax return preparers, including certified public accountants, enrolled agents, attorneys, and many others who don't have a professional credential. You expect your preparer to be skilled in tax preparation and to accurately file your income tax return.

Is it hard to be a tax preparer?

The task of becoming a tax preparer can be relatively easy compared to the rocky road of some similar ventures, such as becoming a real estate agent or an insurance agent. Tax preparation can be a quirky profession, meaning it is essentially not a year round profession but a more seasonal one.

They may also be overtired from working long hours due to the seasonal nature of the job. As they work through the tax preparation process, tax preparers will use the forms and tools to compute taxes owed or possible refunds.

Tax preparation classes are available online and at two-year schools. Training and certification is also available through the Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation. High school or college classes in business and accounting are also helpful. Becoming an Enrolled Agent licensed by the IRS can be advantageous in landing in good tax jobs. The process entails brushing up on your knowledge of the tax code and passing a difficult IRS exam. If you find tax codes interesting and have an aptitude for numbers, you may wish to consider the job of an income tax preparer.

  • If they like fast-paced work and contributing to society in a meaningful way, they may get a lot of job satisfaction from this career, as well.
  • To maintain your good reputation, you must enjoy learning and staying abreast of revisions in local, state and federal tax law.
  • Once you have completed all of the requirements for working as a tax preparer, you can start accepting clients as a freelance preparer or go to work for a tax prep business or accountancy firm.
  • The 3-month tax season begins in earnest on January 1 and can last up to five months.
  • If they have filed more than ten returns in a given year, they are required to e-file every single return they prepare.
  • Tax preparers can enjoy providing a significant service to their local community.

They know about your marriage, your income, your children and your social security numbers – the details of your financial life. The job of an income tax preparer requires a sharp mind and excellent communication skills. You need to know the right questions to ask when preparing a return to be sure you’re using the correct form and schedules.

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