A massive, nuclear-powered "flying hotel" concept that can hold 5,000 passengers and remain in the air for months at a time has been unveiled.

Jun 28, 2022By fanu benks

A flying hotel powered by nuclear energy would "never need to land" because it produces its own power.
A daring artist's rendering of a floating cruise ship has been likened to the Hindenburg and the Titanic. It is a self-driving ship designed to include malls, fitness centers, swimming pools, restaurants, movie theaters, and even a theater.
The crazy concept, which is theoretically capable of carrying 5,000 lucky (or unfortunate) people, has divided the internet.
Is it an animal? Is that a bird? To be completely honest, we have no idea what this is.
Hashem Al-Ghaili, a graphic designer and YouTuber, created the "Sky Cruise Hotel," a cruise ship for the sky that can accommodate 5,000 people.
No need to refuel, no need for a pilot, and every night there is a possibility for the fortunate passengers to experience the Northern Lights up close.
Even getting married there is possible,.

Engineering is fascinating.

In order to board the permanently in flight vessel, which appears to have no less than twenty jet engines, passengers and staff can arrive on different aircraft.
A whole different question is whether or not the technology might ever be mounted on a plane like this one and flown through the air.
Second, this technological behemoth would not fit on any runway ever imagined.
Now, it's not entirely obvious if the physics behind this work out, and as many people noted on Twitter when this video first went viral, the concept of a flying hotel with nuclear-powered motors that may perhaps crash into the ground is a little unsettling.
The same may be argued for employing jets to transport guests to and from the flying hotel; trying to dock two sizable aircraft at a distance of several thousand feet feels like a particularly difficult operation.
However, it's enjoyable to consider what might be. And at a time when interest in airships is increasing, the thought of traveling through the air at a leisurely pace does sound very alluring. The Sky Hotel concept appeals to a sentiment that many passengers have recently expressed: wouldn't it be good if flying was a lot less stressful experience?
Artificial intelligence (A.I.) will be used to control the ship, and it will be so skilled at reading weather patterns that it will not only be able to foresee rough weather but also glide over it, giving the tourists on board a hassle-free experience.
According to Cruisehive, Tony Holmsten created the airship's design, which Al-Ghaili refuses to claim credit for. Al-Ghaili simply animated the concept and posted the video imagining what a real-world Sky Cruise, which he refers to as the "Flytanic," might be like.
While some people were pleased by the aircraft's design, others doubted that it could actually fly. A large runway would be required for the Cruise to take off, one that wouldn't truly be utilized for any other ship, as one YouTube commenter pointed out.
Al-Ghaili was alerted to these remarks by engineering and he responded, "I adore them. both the favorable and unfavorable. I've read several of them and continue to do so. It is pleasant to see individuals see the design's shortcomings and attempt to address them, as this is necessary to improve it. With a few design adjustments, we could one day have a sizable floating hotel that flies over our sky."

A Luxurious Flying Hotel
A Luxurious Flying Hotel 

Engineering is fascinating.

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